Derek & Natalie | Engaged!

Kauffmann E--110.jpg

Seth and I first met Natalie through our church many years ago, and now, she is practically part of our family! When she became reunited with Derek last year, we knew that he would be the one that she would marry. We’ve had the pleasure of watching these two grow closer together while dating, and then helped Derek plan and execute the perfect proposal while on a cabin trip with our small group!

I cannot tell you how we happy and excited I am for Natalie and Derek’s wedding! Nat and I have been dreaming of her wedding day for a loooong time… and it’s almost here! However, this wedding day will be different than any other… Morgan and I are both in the wedding… that we’re shooting! So that should be fun and interesting :)

As for this beautiful engagement session, I don’t think it could have turned out any better! We managed to pick a day that wasn’t cold and/or snowing, which has been hard to find lately! Natalie and Derek wanted something different in regards to location, and Kiener Plaza in Downtown St. Louis was the perfect choice!

We’re so in love with these images, and can’t wait to create more memories with these two in May. It will be here before we know it! But, for now, enjoy these images. Congrats, Nat and D!

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