Frequently asked questions!

Do you travel?

Yes we do! In fact, we love to! Just let us know where you'd like us to be!  (Note: Travel fee's are estimated based on location.)


Do you deliver raw, unedited photos?

We do not. Every image we deliver is edited to our style!


Do you deliver raw footage? 

Due to file size and format, we do not offer straight raw footage. Delivering footage requires a bit of editing. However, we do offer what we call a "rough cut" option, which is all of the footage edited into a viewable format and delivered via a USB drive. 


What is the average turnaround for photo galleries and cinematic films?

Every wedding has a 4-6 turnaround estimate to be delivered. However, we aim for a much quicker turnaround! Wedding galleries and films are most commonly delivered within 2 weeks. But time of year and workload do play a determining factor in this. 


What cameras do you shoot with? 

We shoot both photo and video on Canon DSLR's.