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Several years ago, we met Morgan.  She was just a quiet, young lady in youth group at our church, The Bridge. Even at a young age, she was mature and seemed to be captivated by Christ's love. She was becoming such a beautiful, courageous, fearless woman of God.. When she became a senior in high school, we had the privilege of taking her senior portraits, doing a few other fun sessions together, and even filming her graduation day. Which, by the way, if you haven't seen her graduation video it's bound to make you cry!  She would be graduating high school with different desires than the average teenager, she was pursing Jesus and willing spread the Gospel on the other side of the world...  

Morgan's compassion, kindness, and wisdom (at such a young age) stirred our affections for Jesus.  Her passion to share this kind of love in Zambia, with the children at Bethlehem Christian Academy and then return home to advocate for them really brought Seth and I great joy.  This was something that he and I decided we wanted to be apart of.  So long story short, I think Morgan and I became such great friends because we had common desires, goals, and ideas.  We both wanted to love Jesus and show others this love, we both loved photography, and we both wanted to have careers that allowed us the flexibility to serve others.  When 2017 rolled around, our business was growing, and we needed to add an associate photographer / office assistant / awesome person to our team. Morgan was a perfect fit, and we're so glad that she's now part of our PureSonic team! I am pretty sure the first wedding she shot with us was was on her Birthday! Talk about dedication!

Around the time she joined our team, I believe Morgan and Bailey had already been dating for a few weeks. Bailey claims their first date was a trip to LIX for some frozen custard, even though Morgan made it very clear that it was not a date, but she did agreed to go out with him on Valentines Day!  Now, one of the best parts of this story is that we didn't even meet Bailey until we went on a beach vacation / destination wedding shoot last July.  I mean, who invites a person they've never met to go on vacation with them?! We must either REALLY trust Morgan, or we're crazy. Probably both... but luckily, we fell in love with him almost instantly, especially since he was so wonderful with helping our sweet girls make breakfast! Oh, and he even helped us carry gear around in the sand at the beach wedding! We could tell that Baylie's momma raised him well, and we had a feeling that these two were going to last forever!

We had some of the best dinners and game nights with Morgan and Bailey throughout their dating journey! Bailey became such a close friend that he even asked us to help with the proposal.  I was so excited about this... he knew that the photographer in Morgan would want the entire thing to be documented, so he asked Seth and I how we could pull this off without her getting suspicious. Luckily, at the time time, we had already been planning a date night to the Balloon Glow at Chaumette, so it wouldn't look suspicious to Morgan at all that we just happened to be shooting photos and videos there.  And let me just tell was literally perfect! We headed over to the vineyard to just "snap a few pics of each other," and it was there that he proposed! It was one the sweetest movements I have ever witnessed!

Morgan and Bailey's wedding was a labor of love. Both of their sweet families worked so hard to make their special day so unbelievably beautiful. Since the forecast was calling for so much rain, everything had to be moved inside, but that didn't stop their day from being perfect! Morgan was still able to use the teepee that Bailey built for her, it just had to be shortened a bit to fit inside! It's so hard to put all of my feelings into words on this blog post.  But, Morgan, you are so beautiful and creative! This day could not have been more beautifully designed.  The tent, the florals, the ceremony, the foot washing, the sari's, your hair....everything was so perfect!  God's timing in writing your love story has been so exciting to witness!

What God has joinded together let no man separate.

Here are special moments of the day that we NEVER want to forget, and want to share with you! :

  • Morgan had several sweet moments with her parents. When Brian saw Morgan in her dress. The pride and happiness was beaming from his beard (I mean face). 
  • As soon as Bailey saw Morgan in her dress, he was just overcome with joy as she walked down the aisle! (just wait for the video!)
  • Bailey didn't have time to put his socks back on after the foot washing, so he went the rest of the day with no socks!
  • The pretzel bar was AMAZING, but that dessert table was to die for!
  • Watching Morgan and Brian (Father) dance made me cry. Especially when she laid her head on his shoulder. It could of been the lyrics to that Zac Brown band song, or maybe I was thinking about how Seth will be sharing this sweet moment with our four girls! AHH!
  • I think everyone in the room was crying when Seth surprised them with their proposal/same day edit video!

The bottom line is, this wedding was a BOHEMIAN dream and was much more perfect than we could have ever imagined.  Morgan and Bailey, we love you so much! It was an honor to film and photograph your wedding day. CHEERS to many years of a lifetime pursuing Christ and His glory together, to the ends of the Earth! 

Oh, and be sure to check out their wedding story film at the bottom!

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Everyone's reaction while watching their Same Day Edit... PRICELESS!


Wedding Story Film

Here is Morgan & Bailey's wedding film, but with an added bonus! We mentioned having the pleasure of photographing the night they got engaged, but we also filmed it! We showed this clip of their engagement mixed in with their same day edit at the reception. You're going to want to grab a tissue and check this out!