Ballet 2016

Ballet 2016

Today we have a fun session to share with you all! Recently, the 2016 season at Ballet Arts Center came to a close. Addelynn (our oldest daughter) attends there along with many of her friends from our church. We thought it would be a fun time to host a small photo session for some of those girls together, and it really was a great morning! These girls all love Ballet Arts Center and their teachers. 


Miss Emilee and her family are very dear to us! She also just happens to be awesome! Emilee is always kind and willing to lend a helping hand with our three girls. She is growing to be a beautiful young lady! 


Miss Mia is such a cute little dancer in her "snowflake" outfit. She is fun and sweet and glad she got to be in class with Brynn this year!  We also Love her family! We even got the chance to face time with some of them all the way from Colorado during this session! 


Miss Kylee has some great moves, loves ballet, and is one of Addelynn's best friends! Kylee is also getting a Big Sister promotion this year! 

Moss Girls!

These sisters have such a heart for ballet! They love making new friends and Disney World. Miss Olivia (the cute little blonde) wasn't in ballet this year but she will be starting as a Pinkie next year so we had to get her in on the shoot! Isn't she just adorable?!

Leach Girls!

We are so thankful for this family and their friendship! Our girls ask just about every day if Brynn, Brae, and Brittyn (The Leach's) are coming over! Some of the most generous people you will ever meet! 


Miss Natalie is another young lady that is very special to us! She is a life-long dancer and she is such a great role model to our kids as well as many others in our community. Natalie just happened to find her very first costume from ballet and brought it with her to this shoot. It just happened to fit Lyda (our 2 year old) so we HAD to get some photos of them together. Isn't that just the sweetest thing?!?! 

Durbin Girls!

Only one of our girls, Addelynn, was in ballet this year, but they all just had to dress up and be a part of the shoot. Addelynn really enjoys getting to go to ballet every week and spend time learning how to be a ballerina with Mrs. Haupt, or as Addelynn calls her "Mrs. Hopps", and her friends! 

Ella (middle child) will be starting ballet next year as a Pinkie and she couldn't be more excited about it! 

Lydia (our 2 year old) still has a little ways to go, but my goodness she looks so stinking cute all dressed up as a ballerina! How could we leave her out?!