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PureSonic is a Photography & Cinematography company based out of Farmington, Missouri, but we love every opportunity to travel. We offer services primarily for Weddings, Businesses, and Individuals.  

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Seth & Amanda

We are are a husband-and-wife team with a passion for Photography and Filmmaking. While we serve a wide variety of clients, weddings have a special place in our hearts! There’s just something about telling the story of two lives being joined together that warms our hearts!


Seth is a lover of all things technical. Amanda has a heart for ALL the little details. Together, we have a passionate drive to tell beautiful stories through images and films. From choosing the right gear, to composing the perfect shot, we take pride in going the extra mile to produce a beautiful end result. 

Behind every project is a great team, and ours is nothing short of great! 


Josh is one of our Lead Cinematographers and has been a part of our team since the beginning. Josh also usually wins the award for "best dressed" on our team.  

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Morgan is the newest member of the team and fills the role of 2nd Photographer or Cinematographer on our wedding day shoots!


What's so great about working with PureSonic? See what our clients have to say!


We chose PureSonic for the videography of our wedding and we are SO glad we did. If you are looking for a photographer/videographer I can confidently tell you to look no further! We love PureSonic!
— Megan
I cannot imagine our wedding day without PureSonic. The day-of experience is second only to the finished product - our video never fails to elicit happy tears and our pictures are a stunningly beautiful testament to a perfect day!
— Lauren
We watch our wedding highlight video over and over! We’re beyond thankful for such a fun, easy, laid back photo/videography group to be there with us on our big day!
— Samantha
Amazing people providing amazing work! Wasn’t going to have a videographer for my wedding and I am so glad I did or else I would have kicked myself. Especially if I didn’t hire PureSonic. Still watch my wedding clip and feel all the same emotions from that day! Thanks guys!!
— Miriah
Highly recommend. They do an amazing job and they are great people to be around!
— Jessica
Their work is beyond amazing. I heard so many compliments on our video and I will say its probably the best thing we have to remember our wedding by. They hit all the right highlights. It’s been a little over a year since we got married and I’ve probably watched my video at least a dozen times. Thanks so much Amanda and Seth for capturing those special moments for us!
— Brittany